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Paintings by
Vivian Haberfeld

Deeply moved by the natural landscape and gentle beauty of the Mid-Hudson Valley, Vivian began a search for a way to get closer to nature. Through that highly personal and emotional process, she discovered the artist within herself. It is a sentimental journey that continues to motivate her work as a painter.

Vivian  has a unique style characterized by simplicity and bold use of color and is clearly influenced by Impressionism. Inspired by the land, she uses it as a guide to unleash her imagination.

Artist Statement:
"A native of Long Island, and current resident of the Mid-Hudson Valley, I am moved by striking skies, distant vistas, and bold colors.  My intent is to create an idealized place for myself and my viewers. I don’t copy what I see.  I prefer to use reality for reference, and then let my imagination and brush dictate the outcome.  I am not afraid to explore and discover harmony in nature and life."